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简析DWF Labs——颇具争议的高频投资做市商
4月,一家公司名为DWF Labs的公司在投资方面频频出手,很快就引起了众人的关注。在My MetaData最新的投资展示列表中,DWF Labs所投的链游项目数量就达到了3个。
2023 Apr 25 00:04
2023年3月GameFi行业月报:Nexon和SIE试水Web3领域;AAA链游Matr1x FIRE拉动市场活跃
3月,索尼互动娱乐申请了 NFT 相关专利,Nexon 将与 Polygon 合作重构经典游戏《枫之谷》,这两大传统游戏巨头向 Web3 领域的动作都在一定程度上代表了未来游戏的发展方向。
2023 Apr 11 22:04
Crypto Games Monthly Report - January 2023
The activity of the blockchain game area has rebounded in January. BAYC announced their Sewer Pass, which might bring some new changes to the market.
2023 Feb 03 00:02
Crypto Games Monthly Report - December 2022
The punishing 2022 has finally passed. Under the impact of economic factor, the depression of the market lasted to the end of the year. However, some GameFi related projects showed shining points.
2023 Jan 05 16:01
Crypto Games Monthly Report - November 2022
In November, FTX event deepened the cold situation of the market, making people feel the cold of winter again. There was no exception for the GameFi market.
2022 Dec 01 18:12
Crypto Games Monthly Report - October 2022: The transaction data declined, and the market started to wane
In the past October, VC firms paid less attention to crypto games. The transaction data is continuously declining. However, it has little effect on players‘ enthusiasm and the growth of new games.
2022 Nov 03 15:11
Update: New Function 'Whales Tracker' for GameFi is alive!
Long prepared function 'Whales Tracker' is live. We offered you series of monitoring index. Now, we will explain them in detail. 1. Definition of 'Whales ' Whales mean the addresses which hold greater than or equal to 0.1% total supplied tokens of one project. Now, My MetaData tr
2022 Oct 19 00:10
Blockchain Games Monthly Report - September 2022
Recently, the popularity of blockchain games has been picked up. Many new games have come into view. So, does it indicate the recovery of market sentiment?Let's see the market data in September first.
2022 Sep 30 15:09
DeFi Kingdoms选择的公链Klaytn究竟是何来头?
Klaytn 是韩国互联网巨头 Kakao 旗下的区块链子公司 Ground X 开发的公链,早在 2019 年 3 月就完成了 9000 万美元的 ICO 融资。目前 Klaytn 链上的游戏不多,相较其他活跃的公链而言,Klaytn 可以说是非常冷门了。为何 DeFi Kingdoms 会选择 Klaytn 作为 Harmony 的替代者呢?让我们细细道来。
2022 Sep 08 18:09
8月链游赛道热度峰值和投资规模都略有下降,在当月有5款链游发生Rug Pull事件,对市场玩家的情绪造成了一定程度的影响。除了一些依然保持实力的老牌链游之外,有一些新的游戏登上了本月的交易排行榜,如 Aurory、Defy 等等。
2022 Sep 02 11:09
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