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Members related to GameFi project Tiny World are suspected of being investigated by the police
According to Wu's report, the Tiny World project of GameFi is suspected of being investigated by the police. Tiny World is the original EOS Three Kingdoms team. Analysts pointed out that at present, blockchain games in China are easily linked to crimes such as opening casinos. In February 2022, Tiny World completed a $2.5 million financing, with HashKey, SNZ, Sky9 Capital, Everest Ventures Group (EVG), TokenPocket, Cipholio, Foresight Ventures, COCOS-BCX and other investors participating. Tiny World is a game that integrates NFT and GameFi elements. Players can collect more than 100 Tiny Hero NFTs in the game and earn income.
2023 Sep 28 12:09
Sui launched Play Beyond, the gateway to gaming
Sui Network announced the launch of Play Beyond, a gaming portal on Sui. Through this portal, users can explore their favorite games in one place and learn how game developers use Sui's Web3 technology for development and upgrades.
2023 Sep 28 10:09
BNB Chain Hackvolution announced the winners of the Hackathon, and no GameFi projects was included
BNB Chain announced the list of winners of the Hackvolution Hackathon event: In the infrastructure track, Codex Field (US$140 million), RIDO Protocol (US$8,000), and Green Gate (US$6,000) ranked the top three; in the AI track, Op-Intents (14,000 Ten thousand US dollars) and Story Chain (8,000 US dollars) ranked in the top two, while there were no winning projects in the gaming and DeFi tracks. In addition, BNS6551, Datumendo, Greenfield Mobile, Metagent, Munhna, opSyndicate, School for AI, Smart Agree, Spacetar on opBNB, TripleC and Xcrypt will jointly share the US$22,000 prize pool as potential projects, and each project will receive a reward of US$2,000. .
2023 Sep 28 09:09
Fantom Foundation announced the winning projects in the first round of ecosystem funding round, which will allocate a total of 750,000 FTM, including GameFi project EstforKingdom and Enri's Fantom Lords
Fantom Foundation announced the list of winning projects in the first round of ecosystem funding round, and will allocate 750,000 FTM to projects developed on the Fantom Opera mainnet. Projects will receive 25% of their allocation immediately and have access to funding streams over the next six months. Fund recipients include: decentralized trading platform Equalizer, NFT market PaintSwap, medieval fantasy Web3 MMORPG game EstforKingdom, perpetual contract trading platform Mummy Finance, DeFi platform Wigo Ecosystem, decentralized trading platform Beethoven X, and non-custodial lending protocol DeFi Pool Share, chain game FantomAdventureRPG, chain game Enri's Fantom Lords and P2P debt market Dēbita.
2023 Sep 27 23:09
Leaked documents reveal Microsoft’s plans to bring crypto wallets to Xbox gaming console
Recently leaked documents reveal that tech giant Microsoft plans to integrate cryptocurrency wallets into its Xbox gaming console. The leaked internal documents posted on the gaming forum ResetEra show that the Xbox roadmap for May 2022 included crypto wallet support. However, specifics about this planned integration were not shown. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, attributed the leak to the Federal Trade Commission’s legal action against Microsoft. The FTC’s opposition to the $69 million Activision Blizzard acquisition resulted in Microsoft unintentionally including leaked documents within their submissions.
2023 Sep 26 18:09
Big Time announce to launch a token airdrop, the complete economic model and a new pre-season stage in early October
Big Time announced that it will launch a token airdrop in early October, launch a complete economic model and enter a new pre-season stage. It is reported that Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer action role-playing game that combines fast-action combat with time-travel adventure. Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG that combines fast-action combat with time-traveling adventure. In the game, players need to travel through time and space in different civilizations and collect NFTs to strengthen their characters or obtain rare skins. Everyone can "customize" their own portal, and rare NFTs can make their portal more unique.
2023 Sep 26 08:09
Shandong has officially launched a special policy for the innovation and development of the Yuanshi industry, with the scale expected to reach 150 billion yuan in 2025
The Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other departments recently jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Innovation and Development of the Yuanshi Industry in Shandong Province". The "Opinions" clarify that the five key tasks of accelerating the development of core industries, strengthening the cultivation of market entities, enhancing technological innovation capabilities, broadening integrated application scenarios, and building an excellent industrial ecology will be implemented to promote an average annual growth of about 15% in the scale of Yuanverse-related industries by 2025.
2023 Sep 25 17:09
ETHGlobal announces the list of 13 New York Hackathon finalists, including onchain-game Doom Arena, etc.
ETHGlobal announced on Twitter that 13 projects were shortlisted for the ETHGlobal New York Hackathon finals, including the full-chain game FRAMED!, the face-based payment project F.A.S.T., the bug bounty platform ZeroTrustBounty, the full-chain game competition platform Doom Arena, and decentralized physical assets. Tracking project AirTracker, multi-chain smart contract deployment project SafeCreate2, AI-driven NFT project tool ConsciousNFT, MetaMask Snaps and Cryptosat space satellite security solution Space Guardians, smart contract ownership recovery solution A.S.R., MEV victim compensation project MEVictim Rebate, real return on investment Ranking list RealReturn, account abstract wallet Abstract Wallet, cross-chain Gnosis Safe multi-signature optimization solution XSafe.
2023 Sep 25 12:09
An independent, fan-run PC game server for Minecraft that paid players in Bitcoin will remove its play-to-earn functionality following what the creators claim was a demand from Minecraft creator Mojang
In a late Friday Discord post, Satlantis server founder David Dineno said that Mojang—which, like Minecraft, is owned by Microsoft—asked the server administrators to remove the play-to-earn feature. The functionality allowed users to accumulate and withdraw small amounts of Bitcoin, as detailed in a recent how-to guide from Decrypt’s GG. In a follow-up post, Dineno said that the play-to-earn functionality will be removed from Satlantis at 12 p.m. ET on Monday, and advised players to withdraw their satoshis—the smallest denomination of Bitcoin—from the server. However, the creators say they plan to revive the concept within another game that’s yet to be decided.
2023 Sep 25 08:09
billionaire investor Tim Draper has unveiled a new crypto-centric venture studio, Draper Goren Blockchain (DGB), coming with a clear mission: to accelerate "DeFi innovations," layer-2 network scaling solutions, and consumer apps including gaming and social experiences
Draper, a household name in the blockchain world, has been investing heavily in a plethora of crypto related ventures for years. The outspoken Bitcoin bull has not shied away from price predictions, either, calling for a price of $250,000 for the leading cryptocurrency on multiple occasions (it has thus far peaked around $69,000 in 2021). His founding partners, Alon Goren and David Bleznak, are also crypto-natives. The latter has invested alongside Draper in their previous venture, Draper Goren Holm, and is a board member for social analytics platform LunarCrush and Ownera, an institutional-grade network for digital securities.
2023 Sep 22 08:09
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